#weeklysmile: water, water everywhere

A bittersweet smile. A new contractor has been hired; work should begin on the roof by Wednesday.  (A tree limb the size of a tree came down on our little house and shared yard.)That should end the seven weeks of tarps and fingers crossed. Unfortunately, the kitchen wall, previously undamaged sustained significant leakage last night/early this morning from the mangled roof and vent pipe. Thanks to Henri (merci not) the wall is now bowing out and cracking. At least there is a contractor coming . . .  (an embedded smile)

So far, Hurricane Henri’s torrential tropical depression rains haven’t flooded the section of our landlady’s basement where some of the boxes from the attic are being stored. At one point, the leak in the laundry room side had pooled and puddled water right up to the door.

The koi are delighted with all that fresh water in their pond. Happy, too, because we left the waterfall running overnight. The danger of the pond overflowing in heavy rain is relieved due of leaks in the pump and water return. The overflow runs down into the side with our boxes.

Hurricane Henri was down graded to a tropical storm, then tropical depression. We didn’t get the high wind gusts predicted – thankfully, as the tree which dropped its limb on our roof still (so far) stands with other equally dangerous branches hanging overhead.

Our area hasn’t flooded as badly as many; we are well above any rivers or streams. Watching the news, there were videos of ducks swimming in basketball courts, frogs and turtles enjoying the high water on people’s lawns and decks. A bittersweet smile, too, because while these images were cute, they were also indications of just how high the water became in some places, and the challenges people are facing.

Henri should be bidding au revoir to our area this evening. Can’t say as I will miss him.

Bon débarras aux mauvaises ordures.

And my heart goes out to all those impacted by recent geopolitical and environmental disasters. I hope they will be able to smile again.

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