Deserta set up the motion caption camera along the hiking trail.

She hoped to get a night vision image of the elusive panther.

This wasn’t the sort of wildlife photograph she expected.

photo by Andrew Neel via Unsplash

scrawled/scrawling for: three line tales 290

I’ve participated in a variety of writing prompts over the years. When I found blogging difficult (motor and cognitive skill issues), I reduced my participation to the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie prompts. These were some of the first prompts I participated in when I shifted, in another iteration of my blogging, from health based to a more creative writing approach. Also, I was for a spell one of the promptmasters.

As certain types of memory-retention remain at issue, I find myself “rediscovering” writing prompts for a variety of reasons. The spam filter, Akismet, captures “bad” links to my blog posts. Thinking of trashing the three or so blog posts which attract the most “attention,” I revisited them.

That’s how I came upon, and then remembered, TLT: three line tales! I clicked the link from an 2016 post, and was “magically” taken to the present prompt! So, here I am, writing in 3 lines again. And, just for fun, reminiscent of another ago writing prompt, Twittering Tales, I kept my character count below 280.