This week’s Friday Music Challenge (#189) is based on ELO’s “Can’t Get it Out of My Head.” I wish this was a piece of speculative fiction, creative writing springing from my muse. But my muse has “gotten out of Dodge,” and I really don’t blame her for continuing to hide out at a luxury spa in Patagonia. The paragraph “headers” are lyrics from the song.

And I can’t get it out of my head/Now my old world is gone for dead

Six weeks ago, a limb the size of a tree came down on our little house, smashing a portion of the roof, taking out the rain gutters on both sides. The next day the limb was removed from our house and the yard, and plywood and a tarp put over the holes. The “offending” tree, with the trunk in the neighbour’s yard, still stands so dozens of almost as large branches still loom overhead.

Breakdown on the shoreline/Can’t move it’s an ebb tide

Six weeks later, the roof isn’t repaired, our tiny living space is full of boxes taken down from the attic. At least 3 times a week, we shelter in our car as the winds from severe thunderstorms whip those branches around. I feel cramped and confined. Constrained and close to the edge.

And I can’t get it out of my head/Now my old world is gone for dead

Although our landlord received insurance money to repair the roof, the preferred contractor has been unable to keep any of the stated start dates. Each time, the contractor says he will know the following week when he can begin. The work was supposed to start this week, then by the end of August, now by the middle of September.

And, I can’t get it out of my head/Can’t move it’s an ebb tide

Had it out with the landlord Friday. Frustration (the roof situation is only part of the stress/tension battering-ramming our lives) over the delays. Angry exchange with a resolution; two other contractors came by today to do an estimate. (We share the property; the limb was large enough to do minor damage to the landlord’s roof. The damaged peripherial fence was replaced earlier this week.)

Midnight on the water/I saw the ocean’s daughter/

Walking on a wave she came/Staring as she called my name

Ocean’s son, Hurricane Henri is heading our way on Sunday, with at least 24 hours of strong, if not violent winds, and torrential rain forecast for our area. And, the new contractor is set to start the repairs on Monday or Tuesday. If there is anything left of our house by then, and when roof rafters and shingles will be in short supply. (worse, if the roof was fixed, then more of the tree came down upon it?)

No, I can’t get it out of my head/My old world is gone for dead

2021 has been a horrible year, one disastrous event following another. In my life. In America’s life; in the world’s lives.

Climate change has made this a summer of violent storms, and the warmer than usual ocean temperatures will help fuel the first full hurricane to hit this area in 30 to 40 years. (Irene was a tropical storm when she hit; Superstorm Sandy was three weather systems combined, none of them hurricanes).

COVID-continuation helped make everything even more divisive and political. (Enough said)

The world’s woes:  natural disasters; armed insurrections; terrorism; political upheavals; famine, drought, locusts; COVID and other diseases; food insecurity; lack of shelter; and the list goes on.

It is midnight on the water. And, all our old worlds are gone for dead. Breakdown on the shorelines. Can’t seem to move, stuck in an ebb tide. Is it only in dreams that the world keeps goin’ round and round?

Wish me luck. Wish us all luck.

Musings for mlmm’s Friday Music Challenge #189: “Can’t Get it Outta My Head.


And, since using a song by the Travelling Wilbury’s (Jeff Beck) as the focus was suggested, I’m closing out with two.The first, how I’m feeling, and the second, an anthem to survival.