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Frozen, a recent piece of my postcard prose, tells how the world shifts towards magic and whimsy if we adopt a child’s eye view. My child-whimsy-butterfly-moment last week involves a ginormous scoop of coffee ice cream studded with “chocolate chips” the size and shape of mini reese’s cups without the peanut butter, a “real feel temperature of 106,” and a short walk to the train station.  By the time I’d climbed up and over the tracks, some serious melting (and leaking from the bottom of the cone) was underway. I finished eating the treat with the cone folded over on itself, much like a street taco brimming with salsa.

Luckily, I was the only one on the platform when I looked into the station’s windows; not just my fingers were a sticky mess of ice cream. I found myself grinning at my reflection much the way my 4-year-old self would smile when given the summer treat of an ice cream cone from the food stand next to my family’s favourite beach. Back then, my favourites were butterscotch and vanilla.

With a few Kleenex and water from my iced bottle, I was adultedly presentable when the train rolled in.

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