When our landlord was away earlier this year, to help with her dog’s separation anxiety barking and moping, we started taking the doggy-dog for walks.

She loves going for walks; sniffling under bushes; jogging along on her short legs; exploring driveways and front walks. Getting her to “agree” to come home was always a “tug of war” with her leash.

Before our two weeks of dog-sitting and walking, she wouldn’t come in our house. Now when I open our door, she happily skritters across the hardwood floor.

I haven’t been taking her for walks since her owner returned. Last week, when she looked particularly moppy, I asked her to come along for a walk. Absolute total excitement! Hard to get her to stay still enough to put on the leash!

Now, she waits outside our door and barks. She usually does this by her back door, yapping loudly to get let in. In our case, she is asking me to take her for a walk. If I let her in while I get ready, she tries to “help” me get my socks and shoes on faster, and find the plastic bags I carry for her “business.”

I’ve created a silly monster doggy-dog!

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