The picture above says it all! After a particularly stressful week, I needed a treat! So, I took myself out to lunch.

At least once a week, I hop on the train and travel 2 stops to “Ritzyville” for grocery shopping and running other errands. I usually grab a coffee and sometimes a snack while there.

Last week, I went on a sunny Friday. Ritzyville must have one restaurant per resident! I chose one that held special meaning although I’d never eaten there myself.

A very good friend had a stroke in late January; she is in a long-term care/rehab facility making progress on regaining her speech, use of her right side, and learning to do things left-handed. For her, I do things we enjoyed, go places she loved to visit, while talking (in my head) to her as if she was there. Later, I make her smile when I tell her about my adventures, in person, on the phone, or by the cards I send regularly.

When she and her cadre of travel/tour friends would get together, they often frequented the place I had my special lunch. I knew she will enjoy hearing about my experience.

It was wonderful. Too windy to eat outside despite the sunny weather (after a week of storms), I had a window seat in an empty section of the restaurant. (I still prefer to be separate from other diners). The waitress was excellent – she had to make a trek to serve me, but she popped in at all the right moments.

I was craving pub fare – for me fish and chips (I come from Atlantic Canada where the fish and chips are heavenly). The meal was good; the fish was fresh; the fries done just right, several lemon sections to squeeze, and a bottle of malt vinegar for the fries!

And, I’ve yet to share my weekly smile with my friend – she always teased me because if we had lunch out, and fish and chips were on the menu, I couldn’t resist. Usually, though, I asked for extra coleslaw or skipped the fries! Last Friday, to end my week on a smile, I needed those lovely, golden-brown spuds with a splash of malt vinegar. She will smile over this.

My #weeklysmile contribution to Trent’s #weeklysmile.

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