The tocsin rang out: all bells meant danger. This was no contest; the threat was real.

On edge, I lick my dry lips and steady my heart beat. Leaning forward, I topple weeds, releasing a cloud of pollen. I pinch my nose to stop the sneeze that would reveal my position.

Then comes the long whistle; all clear. Crestfallen, I sheath my wooden sword, and adjust my colander helmet. Maybe tomorrow we would engage the enemy across the backyard fence.

feature image: morningbirdphoto @ pixabay

a quick write for mlmm wordle #252

wordle words: tocsin (a signal, especially of alarm, sounded on a bell or bells); contest; edge; lick; forward; topple; pinch; nose; whistle; crestfallen; fence; not used: pile.

quick writes are brief sketches, jotted down in a short space of time and lightly edited