In a sky the colour of robin’s eggs, horse-tail clouds heralded the impending arrival of the stationary front. I’d grown hoarse trying to warn folks of the impending meteorological Armageddon. Now all I could do was get out my cream-coloured stationery and write up my will.

A compact piece of Saturday prompt prose: mlmm’s Saturday mix double take (horse/hoarse; stationary; stationery) and Linda Hill’s stream of consciousness Saturday prompt: colour/color.

Joan Baez’s “Diamond and Rust” has been playing in my head: “As I remember your eyes were bluer than robin’s eggs.”

for more on stationary fronts and horse-tail clouds, see: Marvin J. Snyder, “what is a stationary front?” and Karla LeFevre, “making heads of mare’s tails,”

feature image: wikimedia