I summon you, the beasts of war

war mongers, bullish hawks

hawks, peddling thunder

thunder of cannon echoes

echoes cross the valley

valley of blood and anguish

anguish and sorrow stalking

stalking the hallways

hallways of power

power for peace

peace as a summons

summons to all nations

nations united against the beasts

beasts of wars


Using Dylan’s mlmm’s first line Friday “I summon . . . ” as the starting point, I attempted to write a loop poem which is the mlmm’s Saturday Mix’s “lucky dip” this week.

“Loop Poetry is a poetry form created by Hellon. There are no restrictions on the number of stanzas nor on the syllable count for each line. In each stanza, the last word of the first line becomes the first word of line two, last word of line 2 becomes the first word of line 3, last word of line 3 becomes the first word of line 4. This is followed for each stanza. There is an optional rhyme scheme of abcb.”

 feature image: mmogames via bing search term “beasts of war”