She waded into the overgrown wizened-apple orchard; the stinging nettles a thousand pin pricks against her mother-of-pearl skin. The afternoon light was dwindling; fading petals from the trees blanketed the land’s contours. She pushed her chicory-root tea coloured hair from her eyes. She sought one particular tree. It would be rune notched indicating where the exchange would take place.

I wrote this piece of postcard prose with little self-editing. Hence some creaky phrasing such as “her chicory-root tea coloured hair.” I set myself the goal of using all the words in sparse prose of less than 100 words. I know “her” (and her various iterations) so well, I plucked her down amid the wordle words.

scrawled/scrawling and stream of semi-consciousness writing for mlmm’ s wordle #248

word list: exchange; overgrown; fading petals; pin pricks; thousand; wizened; notch; mother-of-pearl; contour; dwindle; afternoon

featured image: painting by Claude Monet, sourced at