A terrifying tightrope walk conquers the air above Niagara

1859: French daredevil ‘The Great Blondin‘ steps out onto a 2-inch-diameter, 1,300-foot hemp rope stretched 160-feet above a raging gorge, and 25,000 spectators hold their collective breath. Blondin will travel from America to Canada on the first tightrope walk over Niagara Falls.

Space rock crashes into Earth's atmosphere

1908: A meteoroid explodes in the sky over a remote region of Siberia, leveling nearly 500,000 acres of forest. Night skies reportedly light up as far away as Asia, and the seismic shockwave registers in England. The object is consumed in the explosion and does not leave an impact crater.

Betty Friedan founds the National Organization for Women

1966: After the EEOC is unable to enforce Title VII of the Civil Rights ActBetty Friedan and more than a dozen other women found the National Organization for Women. Within two years, NOW will develop a bill of rights advocating for the ERA, maternity leave, childcare tax credits, day care, equal education and training, and reproductive freedom.

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