w is for wow[ed] and overwow[ed]

Artists use colour palettes and wheels to choose and mix their paints. Since I paint with words, I assemble colour name tables from various sources, for example: #cyw, Wikipedia; web design colour sites. I didn’t stray much into the world of makeup, interior/exterior paint, interior decorating/design – here riots of additional colours abound.

Towards the end of my prep, I did discover another list – color fandom’s colorpedia which greatly expanded colour name potential. My initial W list has wonderful words such as: winter wizard; white smoke; wild watermelon. This new source expanded into more wonderful words: wonderland; wood bark; wine dregs.

So, I went from wow[ed] (wow is a colour!) to over-wow[ed]!. The descriptive possibilities grew exponentially. Phrases (mostly overwrought) tripped off the tongue of my keyboard: the winter wizard turned his wedgewood blue eyes to the faded winter sky streaked with white smoke clouds.

As my wintergreen dream list of possible phrases and tales enlarged, so did my eyes with dismay. When overwhelmed in anyway, I freeze – like the proverbial woody brown deer in the white ice[d] headlights. Or go on another wavelength to distract from the overwhelming task at hand: should I wash the dog, go to Wal-mart, indulge my wanderlust on a west coast wine trail, walk through a windblown wheatfield or join Alice in wonderland?

So, while I pursue these options like a wild thing, I present my w is for table:

wafer wageningen green wal-mart walnut wan white wanderlust
warhol warlord warm black warm blue warm neutral warm olive
warmed brown warrior wasbi wash the dog washed green water leaf
watercourse waterloo watermelon waterspout wattle watusi
wave rider wavelength wax flower wazzup weldon blue weathered blue
weathered grey weathered yellow web orange wedgewood blue well read well sausage
wells fargo wellywood west coast  west side western red wet ‘n wild
wham wheat wheatfield whipped cream whiskey whiskey sour
whisper white white chocolate white ice white lilac white metal
white nectar white pearl white pointer white rock white smoke white sugar
white wash white ice whiteout whizzbang wild blue yonder wild ones
wild orchid wild rice wild sand wild strawberry wild thing wild watermelon
wild west wild willow wilderness windflower william willamsburg blue
willow brook willow grove willpower orange windblown windsor windsor tan
wine wine berry wine dregs wine trail winter sky winter hazel
winter sky winter wizard wintergreen dream wisp pink witch haze witch hazel
wistful wisteria wonderland wood wood bark wood brown
woodburn woodrush woodsmoke woodstock woody bay woody brown

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