s is for sea green seashell isle

a bit of scrawled/scrawling over-the-top silliness for mlmm wordle #236; a to z challenge: s is for sea green seashell island

Seeking an upward trajectory in my sepia career path, I had reached out to my hero, Scarlet Buttons. The storied, silver-haired gristled veteran, a loner with his well-worn shadowed crevice in the field motioned a willingness to meet with me. Perspiring ecstatically, I entered his retreat on Sea Green Seashell Isle. He perfumed me with his musky screamin’ green odor, and wrapped me in his multi-tentacled shocking pink arms. I convulsed with joy. Fade to sunset orange.

word list: upward, buttons, gristle, loner, crevice, perspire, ecstatic, seashell, odor, arms, convulse

colour list: sepia, scarlet, silver, shadow, sea green, screamin’ green, shocking pink, sunset orange (from the #cyw Crayola palette) and bonus: seashell is a s colour word and a wordle word!

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