p is for pictorial carmine

She loves the familiar, intuit feeling; the rite and ritual of colour-wheeling the day’s palette.
Today, her studio pulses with spring; the impossible moment when the world was a thousand verdant shadows. She selects from her greens: pistachio; phthalo; persian
Warblers bloom on the trees overhead, singing liquid notes; tales of travels, tales of love. She chooses: powder blue; peridot; pale chestnut.
Caressing scents tickle at her nose. She opts for: pansy purple; pastel magnolia; periwinkle.
Pleased with her selections, she turns her mind’s eye to the canvas she can no longer see with an outward gaze.

feature image: Prismatic Colour Wheel: Moses Harris, “The Natural System of Colours,” and Ignaz Schiffermüller, “Versuch eines Farbensystems” (Vienna, 1772; plate 1). Project Gutenberg/Wikimedia Commons

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