J is for jazzberry jam rustic tart and K is for Ku Crimson’s Pie-High

Hey There, Kitchen, Wait Staff and Media guru!

I’ve put together the pie schedule for Monday April 12 and Tuesday,  April 13.

Kitchen: Jasmine and Kombu: do a double check — all the ingredients should be in the cooler/on the shelves. If not, let get rush orders from the usual suppliers. Secret recipes attached

Wait Staff: please get the menus, blackboards ready. Look through the description book for write-ups; the only new item is the Japanese carmine carrot pie — write up is attached. If you want to jazz up the descriptions, run them by Ksu-purple.

Keppel: do all the usual social media stuff; customer raves and pix should all be on the main computer

And, if the shipment of kobicha tea arrives in time, there will be a new featured drink – I’ll let ya know!

Thanks, I appreciate all your efforts,



kobe beef with kombu greens

kobe beef with key limes and jordy blue turnip


Japanese carmine carrot

kenyan copper bean with june budding squash flowers


jazzberry jam topped rustic tart with jade and jet jellybeans

jungle green cheese cake with kelly green glaze


kiwi smoothie (regular or tipsy)

Japanese violet shake

j is for jazzberry jam rustic pie and k is for ku crimson’s pie-high for a to z challenge

(combined the letters because Tuesday looks like an insanely crazy buzy busy day!)

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