g is for gargoyle gas and Griswold

“not 50!”

Melita didn’t jump when Griswold bang-thudded open her apartment door. His crescendo-ing descent from the attic announced his imminent arrival.

She moved her wine glass off the coffee table seconds before Griswold’s expressive tail would swish it off.

“50 what?” she asked. She never knew just where any conversation with Griswold might go. But then ever since the family of monsters moved into the attic apartment, nothing was predictable.

“Shades of gray, silly.”

“Oh dear,” Melita thought, feeling her face turn ghost white, “How am I going to explain the book or movie to him?” Griswold’s grasp of humanish words and ways was improving, but Melita still found herself floundering with explanations to counter his Griswoldian view of things.

Of course, she didn’t always function well in Griswold’s world, either. There was the mis-stepped interpretive dance greeting incident. . .

“Exactly why are you concerned about shades of gray?” Melita had her fingers crossed and her breath held.

“Melita say have to cept grayness. On a silly humanvision talking show, someone say 50 shades . . . so Griswold google-goggled – find 99! Gargoyle gas!” Laughter bubbled up from his gingery furry ears.

Relieved, Melita said, “I made a granny smith apple pie today.”

“Can Griswold have with gunmetal fairy tea?”

Melita smiled; gunpowder fairy tea – a tea bag just dipped into a cup of warm milk.

“In grape-jellied cup?” Griswold added.

And, who Griswold described as “a hysterical archetype and Melita’s person friend,” gifted her a set of antique moustache cups especially for Griswold’s visits. The set was decorated with still life scenes; Griswold’s current favourite had predominantly placed bunches of glossy grapes.

So while Griswold sat on the sofa, careful not to tear the fabric with his talons, Melita disappeared into her tiny kitchen to prepare a snack.

g is for gargoyle gas and Griswold: a to z challenge

italics: colours (and yes, gargoyle gas is really a colour — Hex: #ffdf46; RGB: 255, 223, 70) from various colour wheels/palettes/ sites

image: huff post

In case you haven’t met, Griswold is a small monster, orangish fur, tufts of hair on the tippy-top of his ears, amethyst eyes, large paws with long talons, swishy tail longer than he is tall. His tail is expressive – it makes frowns and smiles. Laughter chuff-chortles out of his ears, and he does a splay-footed dance of greeting and happiness.
He lives in the attic apartment with his parents, Mrs. & Mr. G above his friend (or pet, she isn’t sure which) Melita. Since their first meeting, they have shared adventures in their midnight garden behind the house. Life with the Griswolds is never dull, and they have grown into each other’s lives.
And Gumpsion joined the duo in their adventures after meeting Melita during a midnight delivery on behalf of his father. He shares the same strange night-time routine, and love of the magical world that Melita and Griswold do. That special place, that magical world which surrounds us if we stop and listen for its rhythms. (compilation of Griswoldian intros/bios)