f is for fawn fallow (and a large dose of d is for deep purple prose)

After several bottles of French wine, and dancing the fandango, Fawn Fallow steps outside to get some fresh air. Flirting with Feldgrau Flax, accepting flattery from Feldspar Fulvous and fanning the flames of Field Drab’s jealousy makes her evening so florescent.

Sadly, Fawn wanders from under the protection of the fern forest folly, and out into winter. Found, by the flavescent volunteer members of fire engine five, she is now floral white and frostbitten.

Warming her with firebricks while rushing her to the hospital in Ferrari Red’s convertible, all feel there is hope she will regain her formerly flamingo complexion.

f is for fawn fallow: a to z challenge

italics: color codes starts with f

feature image: everyday health

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