e is for electric crimson/f is for Friday fictioneers: back alley

The alley assails all her senses. Egyptian blue crates, ads calligraphed in earth yellow, bright emerald and electric crimson awnings. She listens to cacophony of voices spilling out from stores’ back entries and restaurant kitchen doors. Aromas, as foreign to her as the Asian letters, make her sniff.

How had she arrived here? Last she remembered, she was quietly eating eggplant and English greens in her antiseptic ecru and eggshell kitchen. Thinking about her next a to z challenge letter: j as in japonaiserie, jacaranda, jeopardy, journey, juxtaposition . . .

e is for electric crimson: a to z challenge/f is for Friday fictioneers: back alley

feature image: © Brenda Cox

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