d is for deep purple prose

She despises, to her soul-depth, these long drab, dim-gray months of the wintering in her dingy dungeon.

The dutch white blizzards, like desert sand dust storms raging against the oasis, magnify her desire for the opium of the awakening time.

She slips into egyptian blue gypsy dreams.

All is thousand shades of erin. Cascading, caprice of daffodils, carpet the meadow. Sensual, intoxicating scents of deep lilac and dogwood rose float on sweet, warm zephyrs.

Thus, her parched palate is revived; her thirst for life quenched.

She dances, swathed in a gauzy ecru and emerald gown, gesturing to the gorgeous banks of English lavender, inviting them burst forth, so she may braid their springs into her ebony hair.

What care, she now, that wintering holds sway; she sleeps, an English violet, in another land.

d is for deep purple prose and an error: a to z challenge

(the error should be obvious, even if I missed it until after I posted!)

bold words from various colour palettes; italics: nine of the twelve mlmm wordle words.


feature image:  Mizunoryu, Badseed, Jacobolus, Wikipedia Commons

btw, purple prose:

A generally pejorative term for writing or speech characterized by [too elaborate], ornate, flowery, or hyperbolic language . . .  Thought.com and Oxford Dictionaries

And, since we’re talking Deep Purple, how about a little . . .