C is for Celeste

Celeste, with cool grey eyes and chestnut hair; dressed in a bodice of cream linen and kirtle of fine claret wool. Skilled artisan, spending her winterings creating caledon pots, cultured pearl ear baubles, coppery wristlets and coral brooches to sell at the long markets and high fairs. In her cedar chest, she keeps healing crystals of carnelian, citrine, chrysocolla. She travels in a wagon painted in colours of birds: cerulean, cardinal, canary.

Once, though, her talents were twisted by the caput mortum; a secret order of assassins. Celeste’s specialty was poison. Not by obvious means; she crafted death into her pottery and jewelry through the use of cobalt, cinnabar, cadmium.

c is for: a to z challenge

italics: colours from: Pantone; Wikipedia; colour wheels; artist paints

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