b is for banana mania

She stands in the doorway of the Blue Yonder ice cream emporium, removing bottle-green sun glasses revealing baby blue eyes. He notes her high cheek bones and summer bronzed skin framed by bobbed black hair. Blue jeans well-worn, battleship-gray shoes scuffed, burnt-sienna cotton sweater stretched, beige leather purse stained.

He likes to analyze his customers to predict their flavour choice. “A definite small scoop bittersweet black coffee,” he thinks.

She smiles, “A triple scooper: barbie pink cotton candy, british racing green apple and blanched almond, please.”

Blue Yonder Ice Cream Emporium

tastes of the day

banana mania

barbie pink cotton candy

bittersweet black coffee

blond brownie

blanched almond

blizzard blue and brilliant red berries

blushin’ peach

bluebell blueberry

burnished brown sugar

brick red berries

british racing greenapple

brown beaver tracks

burgundy and brandy sherbet

burnt and blood orange sorbet

b is for: #atozchallenge

bold = #cyw (colour your world) challenge; italics: colour lists such as Pantone, Wikipedia, colour wheels

feature image: silviaemile @ pixabay