Friday Fictioneers: a heads up

(a heads up too — my first post had errors; now I hope I’ve corrected all of them!)

Jena smiled; “My gingerpeople are the perfect social media image for our family reunion.”

Get-togethers meant lots of spice (cougarish auntie Clementine’s current boytoy), sugar (Granny Snook’s child cooing), and all things nice . . .  maybe.

Uncle Herald often drunkenly sang bawdy Elizabethan ballads. Cousin-three-times-removed Portia, avowed naturist, usually thought “may I take your coat” was an invitation to totally déshabiller.

Jena sighed, remembering the last reunion: great-uncle Goren’s penchant for sword-swallowing went terribly awry; her step-brother Frick’s animal menagerie ran amok on the buffet table.

“Reunion planning — the family curse”, she thought, methodically snapping off the gingerpeople’s heads. (100 words)

PHOTO PROMPT © Jennifer Pendergast

Have not done one of these in a long time! (Just checked; last post to her challenge: January 2017!!!!!!Rochelle posts a picture, and we are challenged to compose a 100 word complete story based upon the image.

scrawled/scrawling for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’s Friday Fictioneer Challenge (Friday April 2 2021).