I am in a catch 22 x 2. I am trying to recover a wordpress account that I initially purchased last year (the up grade plan). Due to a variety of circumstances, I did not follow up on the project that would be associated with that blog.

I tried to log in and when that was unsuccessful, I tried to recover the account (and the gmail account that ties in with it.). No luck. My recovery form was rejected. My recovery code was rejected. My transaction code was rejected. And, I can’t figure out how to acutally connect with a real wordpress person to ask what to do.

If I can’t get into the account, then I want my money back. Or, help recovering it. Has anyone out there figured out how to reach a “happiness engineer” (I think that was what customer service reps @ wordpress were called.) Therefore, I need help big time. Money has been withdrawn, and I want my money’s worth. All I want to do is recover the account, change the email address and start working on my project.