More journaling “tips and tricks” from the national women’s history museum project. Once again, I haven’t tried out all the sites. Write away.

An ongoing interactive artwork that lets you make a wish and send it off.*
The daily object project highlights everyday objects during lockdown.*

How to engage with life when you feel down.

Blogger’s block: Writing resources to try when you’re out of ideas.
Collage Retreat gives you free digital materials to create collages.
Listen to My Analog Journal and Soulection Sundays at home.
Striking 3D GIFs of protests, youth culture, and more.
A Virtual Talk On How to Discover Your Own Unique Voice

Monique Wray shares her purpose as a creative thinker and journey to find her Unique Creative Voice – a recompilation of life history, identity & culture. As a black female, Jamaican animator and Illustrator, she discovered that her impact comes by owning her identity and communicating it through her art, highlighting race and black representation to then inspire others. She reminds us that we need to work hard and that the creative practice evolves, so we should learn to appreciate the space in between.
Feeling Upset? Try This Special Writing Technique “Expressive writing”—recording your deepest thoughts in short sessions—can help relieve stress and boost health.

10 Journaling Tips for Beginners:  Getting started with journaling can be frustrating, especially if you don’t know what to write. Writing down your personal thoughts and feelings isn’t something most people do on a regular basis. So sitting and staring down at a blank piece of paper trying to figure out how to start journaling can be somewhat intimidating. With these approaches to journaling, it’ll no longer be overwhelming or laborious.

Postcards from Isolation is an ongoing interactive series.

“Covid-19 was the push I needed.”  In this unnatural state of isolation, 15 photographers show us the things that bind.

5 tips for building routines to proactively help your mental health.

Reflecting on the Past, Documenting the Present : An Essay on Journaling Contemporary History by Katherine Egner Gruber, Special Exhibitions Curator, Jamestown-Yorktown FoundationIf you’re anything like me, you sat down for your first day of pandemic-induced teleworking and felt a strong, overwhelming urge to document the experience — to share with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram a photo of your makeshift home office, or make a snarky or startling observation about your new at-home co-workers . . . . In the days since, I’ve felt compelled to document my new teleworking, social-distancing, toilet paper-hoarding life: my cats incessantly staring at me for 8 hours a day; the breakfast I actually took time to make. The list goes on.

You’ll Probably Forget What It Was Like to Live Through a Pandemic : Memory researchers say these months will eventually become a blur for those of us isolating at home.

Why Does Writing Matter in Remote Work? :If writing’s not your jam, now’s time to get better. Here are some tips that have helped me.

14 ways people are finding joy (in spite of everything).

 Website Building 101:  Take your journal to the next level with this free weekly webinar:No Tokens is a journal “celebrating work that is felt in the spine.”100 days of poetry is an interactive design gallery.

Artist Shantell Martin talks about how drawing can set you free.