When she inherited the family land, she became station-manager of the “end of the road” terminus of the intra-galactical express.

Her great-great-grandfather 10 x backwards had been quirky; perhaps that’s why he chose this tiny speck of an island off the coast of Nova Scotia to establish the family farm.

Or maybe he, himself, had arrived at the “end of the road” station from some far-flung water-logged moon, fallen in love with a local humanoid, and remained.

It would explain other family traits; possessing an extra toe on each foot, and the ability to breathe under water. Usually the gills were well-hidden; if not, the fashion of the day provided cover: high-necked blouses and shirts; foulards; ascots; scarves or what she thought most appropriate – turtlenecks. Sandals and going barefoot while off island were not encouraged.

For appearances, of course, her predecessors kept boats of various sorts for excursions to the mainland. Though there were local legends of full moon creatures walking up onto shore. When she was a rebellious teen, she’d be dropped off in schoolhouse cove; when the skiff was out of sight, she’d stash her bookbag and lunch behind a beach boulder, slip off her clothes and head out to sea for a frolic.

Now, as the adult station-manager (the position previously referred to as depot master), she kept the platform clean, the vending machines stocked with intra-galactical treats such as “blue moon cheese,” “ganymede grits,” lizard chips, jupiter juice, and milky way bars, and the book exchange tidy and full of non-fiction sci-fi classics.

She posted to various social media sites such as spacebook; intragalacticgram keeping the station’s billions of followers informed on all matter of things from the weather (full moon with transit of venus) to humour (humaned space flight always was a hoot) with a dollop of history (such as jules verne’s and hg well’s travelogues)

The intra-galactical express was an eld line; mostly catering to ancient and arcane travelers; metarchelogists; and the occasional tour group or school trippers. Contrary to current conspiracy theories, earth had never been a particularly popular visitation or vacation spot.

Which left her family time to pursue all manner of hobbies, and interests. The farm, with its friendly alpacas, cute goats, intelligent zinglogues, and superplantiods needed some care and attention, of course. Her family excelled at folkloric activities such as spinning, weaving, canning, and keeping an ancient sourdough starter burbalating.

By the time she inherited the place, she had established herself as an authority on cheesemaking, heritage orcharding, and funky ceramic pottery. However, ever since her childhood when she spent summers helping out her great grandfather 5 x backward with the terminus, she enjoyed materializing on the express to announce: “welcome to earth and the end of the road.”

Thanks, Michael, for your prompting us on Sundays to think, write, and post. Including this week’s theme: the end of the road.

And, can’t leave this topic without sharing one of my favourite Traveling Wilburys tunes with a riff on this week’s prompt:

Well, it’s all right, riding around in the breeze

Well, it’s all right, if you live the life you please

Well, it’s all right, doing the best you can

Well, it’s all right, as long as you lend a hand

You can sit around and wait for the phone to ring (End of the Line)

Waiting for someone to tell you everything (End of the Line)

Sit around and wonder what tomorrow will bring (End of the Line)

Maybe a diamond ring

Well, it’s all right, even if they say you’re wrong

Well, it’s all right, sometimes you gotta be strong

Well, it’s all right, as long as you got somewhere to lay

Well, it’s all right, everyday is Judgment Day

Maybe somewhere down the road aways (End of the Line)

You’ll think of me, wonder where I am these days (End of the Line)

Maybe somewhere down the road when somebody plays (End of the Line)

Purple haze

Well, it’s all right, even when push comes to shove

Well, it’s all right, if you got someone to love

Well, it’s all right, everything’ll work out fine

Well, it’s all right, we’re going to the end of the line

Don’t have to be ashamed of the car I drive (End of the Line)

I’m just glad to be here, happy to be alive (End of the Line)

It don’t matter if you’re by my side (End of the Line)

I’m satisfied

Well, it’s all right, even if you’re old and gray

Well, it’s all right, you still got something to say

Well, it’s all right, remember to live and let live

Well, it’s all right, the best you can do is forgive

Well, it’s all right, riding around in the breeze

Well, it’s all right, if you live the life you please

Well, it’s all right, even if the sun don’t shine

Well, it’s all right, we’re going to the end of the line