People see what makes sense to them, reality notwithstanding. Thus, when folks looked upon her impossible hair – streaked red, golds, oranges of autumn – assumptions were made: each tree in the fall woods had stroked her head with leafy fingers. She was fair tired of being called a woodling, a fey foresting.

She knew it was time for a change. Under the 13th full clear moon, she the gathered the moss, nut shells, and water herbs as described in the eld herbarium.

She scooped water from the lost misty hot springs into a kettle made of aragon metal and crystal. She lilted the runish words of transformation as she carefully stirred the contents over a small fire of living heartwood.

The liquid, thick and pungent, tasted acrid. It spilt fire down her throat and into her belly. Bending over double, she retched then collapsed.

Noon-day sun warmed her face. She staggered to the edge of a quiet spring-fed pool. She closed her eyes, then looked down upon her reflection. Smiling, she admired her cascading hair, now the colour of raven’s breath.

another mlmm mélange: first line Friday: “people see . .”; tale weaver theme: “time for change,” and photo challenge 359 image (by Brooke Shaden).

Michael’s prompt, “time for change” was “prompted” by him wishing to step down from his “post” as the tale weaver prompster for mlmm. I doubt this is a “writing” retirement; just a shifting of gears. I enjoyed working with Michael when I was co-prompster for tale weaver, and been challenged and inspired by his prompts all along. He is a true “wordsmither” as Griswold would say.

I find I am not alone in feeling frustrated at being forced to use the “new” and “not improved” version of wordpress editor. After reading Fandango’s post on the subject (he is forging ahead after feeling the same frustrations), and managing to salvage some of the drafts I was working on for women’s history month, I guess I might pop up now and then in this blog. This wordpress editing change is either a sign to stop blogging altogether or perhaps to return to salvaging another blogging project abandoned last year (also with wordpress). It’s been a very frustrating month . . . in a very challenging set of months. It really is time for change! For me, for the country, for society, for the world. Oh, to infinite possibilities . . .

ps: feature image won’t recalibrate . . .