this day in women’s history: March 17, 2021

Birthday: Alice Greenough: March 17, 1902 in Red Lodge, Montana; died in Tucson, Arizona 1995.

During WW1, she left school (age 14) to carry mail, year-round, on horseback over a 35-mile route. She wanted to be a forest ranger, but when men returned from the war, that option was closed.

Raised on a ranch, she excelled at trick and bull riding; first in Jack King’s Wild West show, then as a professional rodeo rider (along with her sister and two brothers “The Riding Greenoughs.”)

She won the ladies’ bronc riding at Boston Garden in 1933, 1935, and 1936 and in 1940 captured the Madison Square Garden crown.

She toured the US, Australia and Europe and was invited to have tea with the Royals while in the UK. Retiring from the rodeo circuit in 1954, she continued to perform stunt work for film and television until she was 80.

We came from a great era. We called ourselves the Wild Bunch. Wikipedia

sources: National Women’s History Alliance; Wikipedia; National Cowboy Museum