Without advance warning that I would no longer be able to access the class editor, WordPress has forced me to stop blogging. I wanted to continue my women’s history month posts, but I can not even switch back to class editor to finish my drafts. I tried to follow the instructions to switch back long enough to complete some posts, but the instructions didn’t work.

So, this will be the last post I make here. I have tried to work with the new editor system, but it doesn’t work on my computer in any way that is reasonably “do-able.”

To make matters worse, I can’t even find a way to directly contact wordpress unless I want to start a blog. All queries, apparently, have to be posted on a forum, not asked directly of the folks who are supposed to be running the platform

So, fare the well WordPress. Hope I can somehow retrieve my 12+ years on content over several different blogs.

Good luck to folks staying with them.