In 2020, I posted daily during women’s history month; oatcakes & snowdrops (my “bread and roses.”)

I used the Canadian Heritage Minutes as my starting point: “Canadian women’s history, one minute, one moment @ a time.”

For 2021, I began research on women in the arts: dance, music, painting/sculptor, theatre, television, and film with an emphasis on perhaps lesser-known artists.

But I found, like during most of 2021 (for a variety of reasons), words are hard to come by. So, rather than write a daily post based upon the lived narrative of women, I will do women’s history month 2021 in pictures, an occasional quiz/challenge, lists of lists, and “this day in women’s history.”

Women are often the focus of my creative writing; there will be reposts, and hopefully, some new posts.

So, join me in my journey through women’s lived narratives; the voices (unheard, quiet and loud) that make up women’s history. To paraphrase from black history month: women’s history is our history.