my name is Griswold and I am tail weaving again. all bout a girl with red hair. Not red fur like my cousin, lol. Red hair like if Melita went to the saloon and got hennafied.

The girl has 10 human years. {Not sure how many human years I gotten; will ask Melita.} She is youngest with five older brothers. Her name is brenda, but she like be called Autumn better. Autumn cuz her hair, lots and lots and lots of it, is all shades of woods in fall.

She weave tale too: she say when she was a baby, her brothers took her into the forest and left her there. They say she cry too much and they can’t play loud like before. She no fun; not want baby sister. No one asked if they did before she brought home from baby store.

She now all alone in woods. Soon she start making animule friends. Like squirrels bring her acorns; bunnies keep her all warm and toasty.

Trees all dressed up in fall clothes, wonderously red and gold and orangish. Never seen a baby so, they lean down branches to look at her. When do, leaves fall on her baby head (human babies don’t have much fur, I mean hair on their heads), they stick and turn into fallish-colour hair.

Mother and Father make brothers take them to spot where they leave baby. Brenda playing with squirrels, bunnies and chippymonks. She all happy and not want to go home. Mother say “Now you got fallish hair, woods always with you.” So Brenda grew up like her tree friends but her hair stay red. She not go bald in winter, or green hair grow back in spring. She always red-haired girl.

That’s Brenda’s tale weave. That my tale weave. Thank you for reading. Griswold

PS: Melita say my humanish is better so she not change my tail.

PPSS: forgot ask Melita how many human years I gotten.

a Griswold tale weave for mlmm tale weaver 316: red hair girl

(We were asked to write the story for a younger audience.)

In case you haven’t met, Griswold is a small monster, orangish fur, tufts of hair on the tippy-top of his ears, amethyst eyes, large paws with long talons, swishy tail longer than he is tall. His tail is expressive – it makes frowns and smiles. Laughter chuff-chortles out of his ears, and he does a splay-footed dance of greeting and happiness.

He lives in the attic apartment with his parents, Mrs. & Mr. G above his friend (or pet, she isn’t sure which) Melita. Since their first meeting, they have shared adventures in their midnight garden behind the house. Life with the Griswolds is never dull, and they have grown into each other’s lives.

And Gumpison joined the duo in their adventures after meeting Melita during a midnight delivery on behalf of his father. Griswold refers to him as Melita’s personfiend, a hysterical architype.

Griswold first appeared in response to a mlmm tale weaver prompt; occasionally, he participates himself. He enjoys tail/tale weaving; and Melita is right, his humanish is improving.

feature image: “Little Girl with a Red Hair Knot,” by Pierre-Auguste Renoir (