November 19

As Alaska did not become a state until 1959, and major land claims settlements were reached in 1971, the names/designations/affiliations of tribes within this region is a different list than within the contiguous 48 states. For a list of the tribal entities, see Wikipedia.

Below is a full list of the different Alaska Native peoples, which are largely defined by their historic languages (within each culture are different tribes):

indigenous words/phrases: Tinglit

Hél ee yáx̱
Lingítʼaaní káa
néekwdéin daayeeyḵáaḵ
ḵa néekwdéin ḵadaa.eenéiḵ.
Chʼas tula.aan,
ḵa ḵusax̱án ḵwa i téix̱ʼ tóo yéi na.oo!
Yaa nalgwátl yá Lingítʼaaní.
A kagéidi g̱
wáatl aa ux̱ kei kg̱
watéeyi i ḵusteeyí
Gwál néekw tsú i kaadé kg̱
Ách áwé chʼas ḵusax̱án
ḵa tula.aan i téix̱ʼ tóo yéi na.oo!
Chʼa wáa sá yéi ux̱ kei ig̱
yá aan i tuli.aaní ḵu.oo
gwál i éede has gux̱dashée.

You won’t be right
on this world
speaking with ill will,
and doing things with ill will.
Only kindness,
and love for people, though, put that in your heart!
The world is spinning around.
Those things done wrong will roll along, spinning
your life out of control.
And maybe illness, too, will come your way.
Because of that, only love,
and kindness, put them in your heart!
Whenever your life is out of control,
the people who you are kind with
maybe they are going to help you.

source: X’une Lance Twitchell,  Lingít Yoo X̲ʼatángi: Beginning Tlingit Workbook (Sealaska Heritage Institute, 2017)