November 16

indigenous phrases/words: Osage  (click link for pronunciation guide and additional words)

dance (committee) 𐓰𐓪𐓰𐓘͘𐓡𐓘 𐓩𐓣𐓤𐓘𐓯𐓣 / dance bells 𐓨𐓘͘𐓺𐓟 𐓤𐓘𐓨𐓘 / drumkeeper 𐓲𐓟𐓸𐓘𐓩𐓣 𐓘𐓵𐓣͘

earring 𐓣͘𐓰𐓪͘ / leggings 𐓢𐓶𐓣͘𐓤𐓘  / moccasins 𐓡𐓪͘𐓬𐓟 / ribbon 𐓡𐓘𐓜𐓟𐓤𐓘  /  scarf 𐓡𐓘𐓮𐓤𐓘 𐓷𐓘𐓩𐓪͘𐓬’𐓣͘

osage traditional dance 𐓣𐓧𐓪͘𐓯𐓤𐓘  / singers 𐓡𐓪𐓤𐓘 𐓩𐓣𐓤𐓘𐓯𐓣  / streamers 𐓲𐓟𐓡𐓣͘ 𐓪𐓬𐓘𐓰𐓘͘

image: osage women’s trunk, osage nation cultural trunks

They are commonly referred to as traveling trunks and are most generally used for historical artifacts and art.  A learning trunk is defined as a teaching aid containing articles and touch objects that pertain to a particular topic or theme. These trunks will allow our teachers to engage in dialogue in front of our students of all ages.  Culture trunks develop higher thinking, reinforces and develops content knowledge and creates an avenue for Osage language dialogue between two or more people about something meaningful and applicable to the Osage way of life.  This integrated approach allows the learner to better retain what is being taught. osage nation