๐ŸŽƒ October 18 ๐ŸŽƒ

Take the MicroSoft Bing 2020 Halloween Quiz โ€“ if you dare!

  1. Which root vegetable were jack-oโ€™-lanterns originally made of?
    a. Turnips
    b. Parsnips
    c. Carrots
  2. Halloween is thought to have originated from which Celtic harvest festival?
    a. Beltane
    b. Hogmanay
    c. Samhain 3. How much did Americans spend in 2018 on Halloween candy?
    a. Over 4 billion
    b. Over 2 billion
    c. Over 1 billion
    4. In the early days of trick-or-treating, what did you do to get a treat?
    a. Sing
    b. Dance
    c. Both5. What do you call the fear of Halloween?
    a. Chiroptophobia
    b. Hemophobia
    c. Samhainophobia6. Which of these would help if youโ€™re confronted by a werewolf?
    a. Silver
    b. Honey
    c. Garlic7. Which historic figure was an influence on the creation of Count Dracula?
    a. Aladdin
    b. Prince Charles
    c. Vlad the Impaler8. If a girl placed an apple, then sheโ€™d bobbed under her pillow, what will she dream of?
    a. Her future soul mate
    b. Having 100,000 instagram followers
    c. Her first child
    9. The mask worn by Michael Myers in the Halloween films was based on whose face?
    a. William Shatner
    b. Clint Eastwood
    c. Sean Connery
    10. The tradition of dressing in costume came from a fear of what?
    a. Cats
    b. Ghosts
    c. Winter

If you’re not to frightened to come back, answers provided tomorrow . . .

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hope your night is something to howl about