🎃 October 8 🎃

Couple Watching Scary Halloween Movie Together on TV

I’ve been emailing back and forth with a friend about our favourite frightening movies. The list we’ve complied so far:

My friend (links are to youtube trailers)

Curse of the Demon

Eye of the Devil

The Mephisto Waltz  [she remembers our watching; I drew a blank even after googling!]

Rosemary’s Baby  

Dracula (you can do the youtube “witch-hunt” – there are lots of Dracula’s to be found – my friend likes the Hammer Films versions – see next)

any movie by Hammer Films (yes!!!! what a catalogue of horror)

The Witches (1990) and The Witches (2020)

The Nanny

The Omen* and The Omen II

Tales That Witness Madness (especially Joan Collins and the tree . . . )

The Shining*

and I added:

Ed Wood (for Martin Landeau as Bela Lugosi!)

The Exorcist*(original with Linda Blair!)

The Haunting (1963 version)

She suggested:

Walt Disney’s “Ichabod Crane “(aka Walt Disney’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow or Mr. Toad and Ichabod Crane) [which gave me nightmares as a child; reinforced belief my grandmother’s house was haunted]

My response, a little bit off kilter, but:

Simpson’s Tree House of Treehouse of Horror V: “The Shinning

Pink Floyd’s The Wall (some of it is down right creepy!)

Vincent Price movies [My mother saw his The Tingler in a theatre equipped with electric buzzers that gave audience members a small jolt of electricity at the appropriate moment.]

The Boys from Brazil (dated, given what we know about cloning now, but still super-creepy)

*Often, I’m a spoiler alert – having read the book, I am already closing my eyes when . . .

I haven’t seen a theatrically released horror movie in many, many, many full moons . . .  Not sure I have the “gore-guts” to manage it these days. A movie can be scary without CGI and buckets of blood. Watch a horror flick with the sound off – music plays a big role in the “jump” factor.

I will keep updating this list as my friend and I travel the tao of terror . . .

may your night be something to howl about