I am/was a “trained” typist, [once] capable of creating fast and accurate touch typing documents.  However, my fingers never adapted to the small touch screen on my cellphone. My voice (which sounds much better inside my head, than without) doesn’t seem to register well with an technobot “listening” system. Below is an unedited stream of conscious “conversation” with my cellphone while I was walking to do errands in another town. Only snippets are what I actually said. Perhaps some day, I will edit it into some sort of po.em or prose.try.

mood improve your mood enhancer. Ladies boosting bright red from Green dreads. Quicksilver of cardinal flashing oil orange and black against the Green of spring. Brody’s rhododendrons bursting bright read against the Green. Quicksilver a woodpecker Cardinal Oreo splashed against the multi shades of spring. Greens that melds by summer into one. Multitudinous greens that nailed by Summer into one. Kg weather the light breeze freshness of 75 degrees he’s send against my skin hizi sun  against my skin.  The steps bold and cautious the outside world codeine Janelle is invisible and lyrics amid the iris the album and snapdragon.

I think of my calming exercise as I walk along. Five things I see: yellow of dandelion fuzzy brown of moss the white of house lift hair in front video of the chair in front yellow wisteria. Try again five things I see red car yellow tinge bush pink flowers blue ribbons greenlawn. 54 things I can touch. 4 things I  can touch: Russell Park texture sidewalk my shoelace is undone the rusted metal of pole holding street sign.

Three things I hear Colin the wind through The whistle of my ear the rivers I traffic. And the calliope of trains has it tingles bye. Three things I smell the newness of grass the hint of flowers pungent newly laid mulch. So I can touch cx500c for I can touch 300 U2 I can smell do I get student smell and I can taste the pine the new enhanced soft cedar pine needles against my tongue.

image: a lovely blooming display, taken on this walk, just as the folks who live there returned! Blush, blush. Mumble. Bumble.