I raised my hand to shield my eyes: gold streaks of sun through the smudge of clouds seemed a force majeure against the cautioned rainy gloom.

The train station deserted; no one wanted any part of travel now. Unfortunately, I found myself needing to escape to Pigeon. No choices left.

I contemplated walking those miles in my worn shoes. Dusty roads choking; blinding directions at crossroads.

So, now I stood on the platform, awaiting the rumble of the 9:45.

I checked my pocket for the ticket; only the 50th time this minute.

I consulted my watch, stuck gloved hand into my pocket, fought the urge let fingernails touch my home-made face mask.

Tried not to let the anxiety make my breathing ragged.

Such was life in the time virus. On this day, April 13, 2025.

a very rusty attempt at responding to: mlmm wordle 185; a kinda “quarantinotation”. Wordle list: pigeon; rumble; rainy; train station; gold; fingernails; force majeure: an unexpected and disruptive event that may …excuse … a contract; ticket; suitcase; raise; part; worn
Escape is an oblique reference to
mlmm tale weaver 270