So, you are self-isolating, sheltering in place, in quarantine, physical/social distancing. And, you have streamed various movie channels, binge watched television programs, reviewed replays of your favourite team in action.

You might be running a home school; stretching your culinary skills; creating a home office (or the appearance of one for video-conferencing; navigating the “new” COVID-19 normal; avoiding or constantly absorbing news, statistics. Consuming vast quantities of social media in all its guises.

Stop. Breathe. Let some of nature into your life as you try to maintain some calm in the maelstrom.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology has various bird cams as part of their nest cam project. Watching a bird feeder in upstate New York, or northern Ontario. Observe owls, red-tail hawks, barred owls, and ospreys lay eggs, brood the new generation. A truly unscripted reality show. Use these links, or visit Cornell Lab of Ornithology Youtube channel or website.

I find watching birds – at feeders or on their nests – a grounding experience. I am privileged to watch them out my kitchen window; the bird cams provide further ways to calming. During these disturbing times, birds can be a pool of light in the gathering darkness.

(May be muted; unmute for the sounds of nature)

Cams are from:

Cornell Lab Feederwatch cam at Sapsucker Woods

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