“STFU*” she BLASTED at the “party palace” inhabitants whooping and hollering across the street.

“STFU” she THUNDERED at the tree removal crew chain-sawing her neighbourhood for profit.

“STFU” she SPAT at the politicians pontificating lies and posturing salvation on her tv screen.

“STFU” she  BAWLED at the scientist outlining the current tolls of climate change upon the natural world.

“STFU” she SHRIEKED  at her dysfunctional family using their social media accounts to direct their angry angst towards her.

“STFU” she CRIED OUT at the bullies who taunted her, then excluded her through whispers and mocking laughter.

“STFU” she BARKED at her spouse lecturing her on the proper way, this week, to fold his freshly-laundered socks.

“STFU” she PLEADED with the monsters who dwelt under her bed, and hid behind curtains and in the shadows.

“STFU” she IMPLORED  the vicious voices inside her head telling her no one cared enough about her to listen.

* shut the f*uck up; image pixabay.com

a rift on mlmm’s sunday writing prompt #: shut up