I combined three prompts as an extra challenge to myself. (Of course, each one is challenging enough on it’s own!):
3 Things Challenge (3TC) and Twittering tales.
The words in italics are from
Pensitivity 101 three things challenge 39; the words in bold are for three things challenge 40.
I incorporated these into a micro-burst for
Kat’s Twittering Tales 159.

Jonas snapped out of his reverie and logged into Warm Boundary.
Appearing nonchalant about his interest vanished:
Quarry54 was doing battle with Kat159.
Highlight of his week. (178 characters)

Photo by Pexels at Pixabay.com

Wishing all the best to Kat with her busyness. And gentle hugs for Pensitivity 101 on her upcoming surgery.