song of summer:


1921 Alex Haley, author

1925- Mike Douglas, TV personality, singer

1937- Allegra Kent, ballerina

1949 Eric Carmen, singer-songwriter

1950 Stephen Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer

1953 Hulk Hogan( born Terry Gene Bollea), WWF wrestler

1955 Joe Jackson, musician, songwriter

1964 Jim Lee, DC comic artist

1965 Viola Davis, actor

1983 Chris Hemsworth, actor


The second week of August is national smile week. Smiling: 

)increases endorphins = good mood(

makes other people feel happy

boosts your immune system

lowers stress, heart rate

leads to laughter

is contagious


Japan: National Mountain Day (inaugurated 2016)


  • 1909 SOS 1st used by an American ship, Arapahoe, off Cape Hatteras, NC. Beginning with Germany in 1905, the Morse code SOS became the internationally recognized distress symbol. The code became synonymous with phrases such as “Save Our Ship,”,or “Save Our Souls,” though it actually has no meaning, and is not “short form” for a word or phrase.
  • 1914 John Bray receives a patent for a “labor-saving method” of animation. He goes on to invent, innovate, and receive multiple patents. His studio is credited with producing the first colour animated cartoon in America (1920: The Debut of Thomas the Cat)
  • 1924 1st newsreel of presidential candidates was filmed. (Republican Party: Calvin Coolidge; Democratic Party: John W. Davis; Progressive Party: Robert M. La Follette )
  • 1934 1st federal prisoners arrive at Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay.
  • 1965 Watts riots begin in Southeast Los Angeles. Over six days:  34 deaths; 1,032 injuries; 3,438 arrests and over $40 million in property damage (almost 1,000 buildings damaged or destroyed = $320,000,000 in 2019 dollars). The riots, often called the Watts Rebellion, are a reflection of the racial segregation and racism faced by African-Americans in Los Angeles. In a 1966 essay, black civil rights activist Bayard Rustin wrote:

    The whole point of the outbreak in Watts was that it marked the first major rebellion . . . carried on with the express purpose of asserting that they [African-Americans] would no longer quietly submit to the deprivation of slum life.

  • 1984 During a radio voice test, US President Reagan jokes he “signed legislation that would outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in 5 minutes.” While not broadcast live, it was recorded, and later leaked to the public. It have domestic and international political ramifications.

song of summer:


  • 1933 Temperature reaches 136°F (57.8°C) at San Luis Potosi, Mexico. However, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the highest temperature ever recorded was 56.7 °C (134.1 °F) on 10 July 1913 in Furnace Creek (Greenland Ranch), California, United States.
  • 1979 28°F in Embarrass, Minnesota
  • 1999 Total solar eclipse. See path; countries where observed here.
  • 2003 A heat wave in Paris results in temperatures rising to 112°F (44° C), leaving about 144 people dead.
  • 2016 Team of international scientists declare an almost 400 year old female Greenland shark, the longest living vertebrate.

artist of summer: George Tooker, August 5, 1920

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