Today is Canada’s birthday.

In honour of this momentous event, here are some “snacks” of Canadian history for you to enjoy. Just a taste of the Canadian flavour and behaviour.

Provided by the colourful comedian, television personality, political satirist, and author, Rick Mercer.He has an excellent sense of humour; evident as he cavorts about on shows such as This Hour Has 22 Minutes (Codco) and The Rick Mercer Report. (paraphrased from Wikipedia)


Canada/Britain did win the war of 1812! (Liar, liar, white house was on fire, to any American who might suggest otherwise.)

A trick question I would slip into students’ exams (as true/false/fill in the blank): When did the war of 1812 begin?

Louisbourg is an absolutely amazing place! With or without Rick setting off cannons. Trying to capture a slice of of 17th/18th century life in a French fortified town. Always wanted to have a job as an historical re-animator/re-creator.

We too had a railway last spike. Please note: If you have vertigo, this is NOT a good clip to watch. (Nothing bad happens, it’s camera angle)

And, well because,

So, happy Canada Day!