I have a fondness for turtles. Turtles like me – when I walk by a turtle environment (aquarium, terrarium), they follow me. Seriously. They make eye contact, and the watery ones especially, track my path.

I first became aware of turtles’ affinity for me when I visited the Vancouver Aquarium in Vancouver, BC. A large ocean-going turtle “latched on” to my movements, and paid no attention to anyone else during the time I spent next to his tank. The pattern has been repeated since.

May 23 is the shellabration (not my pun!) of all things turtle.

Read these success stories of Parks Canada’s 2018: year of the turtle projects.

Enjoy this video from NatGeo, and go green, or painted, or box, or . . . pick a turtle of your choice for today and always.

We need them as much as they need us to help them survive in the rapidly changing climate and environments.

photograph: Blanding’s hatchling by Elizabeth Aulenback; Keji, Parks Canada