I continue to be thankful for distractions: ways to take me away from physical, emotional, mental pain and anxiety.

Thankful for all the retro tv channels providing the opportunity for me to watch old-style television programs – especially those interesting ones from the 1950s and 1960s that, to me, transcend genre and time period. Peter Gunn is a great example.

As Wikipedia suggests, more folks can recognize the jazzy theme (by Henry Mancini) to the Peter Gunn (1958-1961) television series than have ever watched the show.

I call it “beat noire” – “cool jazz,” minimalist noire sets, great use of shadow as framing, and lovely mirror reflection images.

I wish for Peter-Gunn-dancing kinda days when the pain or the tears overwhelm.

Maybe you will feel like doing interpretive jazz dancing across your kitchen floor:


Thankful for crossword puzzles, challenging my mind and memory. I like the “Sunday style” puzzles with a theme, such as appear in the New York Times or the Washington Post. I get puzzle books on special occasions, and search out printable freebies on line.

I am old school – I prefer paper, pencil and of course an eraser! Now, 24 across (10 letters): Name of a . . . 102 Down (4 letters): Small furry mammal  . . .

Thankful for my “creature comforts” including my heating pad and cups of coffee.

Which reminds me of the great Nick Park and Aardman Productions short (and subsequent television series):

And, that’s how my distractions work. One flowing into the other. Which reminds me  . . .