A first-word-that-emerges-to-stir–my-fingertips sorta/kinda wordle exercise

My performance in that cozened divertissement continues to bedevil, no matter how far I attempt to distance myself from said damned fiasco!

Oh, the clatter when I fell, from the height of my career. My arse still aches from the fall, my butt cheeks bruised black and blue.

My protests to that jackeled horde of critics are in vain. Truly a thirsty bevy of “weird sisters” who aim poisonous sharp quill pens at my heart.

They judged I was a willing participant in that useless farce! Supercilious fools, could they not ken I was forced by strained circumstances to prostitute myself thusly.

But I shall have the upper hand! Ah sweetest, most succulent revenge. I will not quit the stage. Nay! Rather, with my superior acting skills, shall pierce the thick crust of politics.

With adoring crowds singing my multious praises, I shall ascend the steps of the Capitol.  2020 t’will be my year!

cozen: verb, to cheat, deceive or trick

divertissement: noun, a diversion or entertainment; short ballet or other performance serving as an interlude in play, opera, etc; a program consisting of such performances

Drama personified for mlmm wordle 126

image: atlasobscura.com