Glancing over my list of several weeks worth of daily gratitudes, certain themes emerge for a [ten] things of thankful post: food; friendship; ability; access; and ever-present nature.


citrus fruits: lemons and limes squeezed into beverages

herbs/herb mixes: basil; oregano; herbs de Provence; “pinch of Italian”

root vegetables: butternut squash; “baby” red potatoes; sweet potatoes; carrots – roasted then “food-processorized” into stoup (thick soup)


coffees and conversations

lunch time treats


ability (to)

walk, trekking to appointments or the stores

do household chores such as laundry; dishes; dusting; cleaning/tidying up

do work outdoors such as time spent on the koi pond; shoveling; pile up downed branches


to weekly therapy sessions by phone (through health insurance) and in person

to electronic mediums such as cellphone and laptop

to clean drinking water, electricity, gas


first crocus blooming

grackles and robins –  harbingers of spring

hush of morning snow

images: feature: bing images; collage: pixabay