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Lorraine's frilly freudian slip

Heilari was a travelling healer and a nascent empath. With her panniers full of healing salves, draughts, and powders, she rode from place to place seeing to the needs of the ill.

Born to the calling, she intuitively knew which preparations might best ease discomfort, heal wounds, cause sleep and the hundred other services a healer performs.

She dressed in grey smocks, hemmed shorter – to just below the calf, and oft hitched up above the knee. Her high aprons’ strung with pouches and pockets. When she dressed in jerkin, leggings and boots stuffed to fit, she scarce looked a woman. Yet, she braided her cascade of raven hair with ribbons, and sprigs of lavender.

She worked in kind: for a night by the fire; lodgings for her horse, Traveller; bread, cheese and a mug of ale or a flagon of wine. When she required ducats, on market days she…

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