Another interesting gbbc. This is the list generated from visitors to our yard on Saturday, February 16. During the weekend, on a short drive, we noted the same, as well as different species, due to the terrain of our travels.

We record the birds as we note the arrive in our yard; lists are usually submitted to counts by alphabet and/or species ordering.

white-throated sparrow: 7

northern cardinal: 2

dark-eyed junco: 4

blue jay: 3

house sparrow: 12

european starling: 8

downy woodpecker: 1

red-bellied woodpecker: 1

tufted titmouse: 1

mourning dove: 16

black-capped chickadee: 1

white-breasted nuthatch: 1

hairy woodpecker: 1

carolina wren: 1

On a Sunday, February 17th trip to my husband’s office, we observed many “water-based” birds. Once a large nature-surrounded business campus, half the of area was donated to the municipality several years ago. The park has a large pond, wooded and “weedy” areas, circled by several walking trails. The remaining campus, still in corporate hands, continues to  provide opportunity to enjoy nature.

Did you get the opportunity to observe birds last weekend? The number and variety doesn’t matter; citizen scientists provide vital information for organizations involved with birds such as the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Audubon, government departments.

images: Project Feederwatch; Great Backyard Bird Count