My father was a big Jim Henson fan. Favourite muppets: Miss Piggy (moi?) and Oscar the Grouch.

He would remark that I was grumpier than Oscar (and it was my turn to take out the garbage)!

Not that I don’t have “butterfly moments;” those lovely experiences so sweet, beautiful, caressing reminiscent of being in a butterfly conservatory.

But, I often find myself irritated, grouchy, negative, and ranty.

I sometimes participate in TToT: Ten Things of Thankful. The wonderfully mindful and uplifting practice of recording gratitudes.

My therapist asked that I write down a daily gratitude. I’ve been known to scramble, forensically recreating the days since I last saw her so I can hand in my “homework.” If was Tuesday, then . . .

I also do tai chi. Our instructor teaches us about balance. The yin and yang of movement, meditation, centering.

I wondered if by writing “grumpy & grouchier” posts, the flow of gratitude and thankfulness through my heart, soul, mind and spirit then through my fingers on the keyboard, might become an easier exercise. Although I have grateful moments when I am mindful of each minute of the day, I also have grumpy ones.

My attempt at balance this week: ttot: tracing ten and grumpy & grouchier.

image: Oscar the Grouch