The 2019 Great Backyard Bird Count starts on Friday. You don’t have to have a degree in ornithology, nor own a pair of Swarovski binoculars to participate!

From an earlier post: things of thankful birds . . .

“For at least 15 minutes on one or more days of the count, February 15-18, 2019, simply tally the numbers and kinds of birds you see. You can count from any location, anywhere in the world, for as long as you wish! . . . [Then] enter [your] checklists at Anyone with internet access can participate, no matter what their skill level—it’s a great family activity, too.”

You don’t need to leave your home. Watch out a window, sitting in a comfy chair, sipping hot cocoa. Or, take a walk around the neighbourhood or in a local park.

Check out activities in honour of GBBC being held by local bird watching groups/nature societies and conservation spaces.

These are just some of the winter visitors to our yard.

northern cardinal

dark-eyed junco

white-throated sparrow
mourning dovenorthern mockingbird

american goldfinchtufted titmouse
downy woodpeckerwhite-breasted nuthatch
house sparrowcarolina wren
black-capped chickadee

Lots more information on feeder birds and bird identification can be found @:

Great Backyard Bird Count 2019

Project Feederwatch

All About Birds

Images from Project Feeder Watch and All About Birds

I will share my bird list on the 19th.

If you participate, you could post about the experience, or leave a list of birds you saw in the comments section of this blog.

Happy counting!

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