My things of thankful is a bit different this week.

I am thankful for Vincent Van Gogh’s amazing ability to see and paint with an uncommon imagination and vision beyond the realm of even the extraordinary. Even the interplanetary, extraterrestrial. 

As I watched the NASA imaging of the storms on Jupiter, Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh unfolded in my mind. This video wouldn’t open as an image; please click on  Fly-around of Jupiter

Starry, Starry Night, Don McLean:

Trailer for the incredibly sensuous and captivating film, Loving Vincent:

A love letter I wrote to Vincent (18.02.2015) on another blog:

Vincent and I

were secret lovers.

I don’t

think even

Theo knew.

Standing on tippy-toes

to see through the crowd,

I saw you.

Transfixed, mesmerized

I wanted to embrace the colours

feel the ridges

and swirls.

Put my arm through the canvas

so the Vincent’s world

would touch my hand

Vincent had already caught

my heart.

But love affairs

with 4 year olds

is usually frowned upon.

Vincent was always with me

On starry nights,

on sunflower yellow days

on days when my madness

consumed me.

There is a shrine to you

A 4-dimensional world

at the Metropolitan Museum

No matter how far I wandered

I always found my way back to you.

I still want to touch the ridges and swirls

Feel your painting flow around me.

No longer content with just

my hand, I will step all

the way through

into your world

into a part of your life.

Would you paint my portrait

that I might be

there beside you?

Vincent and I

were secret lovers.

Not even Theo knew.

A love never


A kiss that

will never be.

I miss you Vincent

Can I come again


© Lorraine, 18.02.2015

And, as parting thoughts: an animation; and the trailer for the 2010 Dr. Who episode “Vincent and the Doctor.” 

I have yet to see the new movie: At Eternity’s Gate:

 image: Starry Night, Vincent Van Gogh (Modern Art Museum, NYC)